Trappings of Texas 2018 Exhibiting Artists

Chase Almond
Janeil Anderson
Brian Asher
Brooks Atwood
Wayne Baize
Vern Ballantyne
Buckeye Blake
Teal Blake
Brody Bolton
Cody Briggs
Marc Brogger
Janet Broussard
Mike Capron
Wilson Capron
Valerie Coe
Beau Compton
Doug Cook
Lindy Cook Severns
Rex Crawford
Tyler Crow
Gene Flaten
Baru Forell

Wayne Franklin
Jerry Galloway
Jeff Gant
Scott Hardy
Jay Hudson
Stephen Jones
Krist King
Buddy Knight
Doug Krause
Kathryn Leitner
Matt Litz
Pablo Lozano
Kim Mackey
Jan Mapes
Loyd McConnell
Rick McCumber
Jack Moss
Tim Oliver
Whit Olson
Josh Ownbey
Mike Pardue
Tom Paulson

Peewee Peebles
Thor Peterson
Lauren Pomatto
Benoit Poulain
Maximo Prado
Graeme Quisenberry
Ken Raye
Javier Ribeyrol
Raul Ruiz
John David Rule
Jason Scull
Chessney Sevier
Nathan Solano
Edgar Sotelo
Ben Tolley
Franco Trevino
Nate Wald
Herman Walker
K.W. Whitley
Stewart Williamson
Mark Winter, Toadlena Trading Post, representing Two Grey Hill Weavers

Information subject to change without notice.

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