New Artist Submission

Trappings of Texas

Information for artists interested in showing in Trappings of Texas:

1. New artist submissions are taken in for consideration for the following year Trappings of Texas exhibit, show and sale starting on August 1 and ending on November 1. 2. The artist must submit an example of their current work for review by the Guest Curator(s):

For 2D and 3D artists, photographs and/or digital images are acceptable.

Saddlemakers must send a small work that highlights their leather carving and stitching skills along with photographs and/or digital images.

Rawhide braiders and other leatherworkers must submit a sample of their work.

Metalworkers including bit and spur makers must submit a sample of their work.

3. The artist must submit a bio along with any additional information about shows and exhibits their work has been seen in and if and what awards they have received for their art. 4. Items 1, 2 and 3 must be sent to Mary Bones at the Museum of the Big Bend. She will convey the works to the correct Guest Curator. 5. Museum mailing addresses:

USPS: MoBB, Box C-101, Alpine, TX 79832

FedEx and UPS: MoBB, 400 N.Harrison, Alpine, TX 79832

6. After the Guest Curator(s) has reviewed the submission, he will contact Mary Bones to let her know if the artist has been juried into the following year’s Trappings of Texas. 7. If not selected, the submitting artist will receive a critique provided by the Guest Curator(s). 8. The decision by the Guest Curator(s) is final. 9. The Guest Curator(s) will return all works to the MoBB. 10. Works will be returned to the artist in a timely manner.