Big Bend Trading Company

Big Bend Trading Company

Big Bend Trading Company, the museum’s gift shop, sells books related to the Big Bend and the museum’s collections. It also carries a variety of clothing, gifts and crafts for children and adults including Gorky Pottery, Charley Harper Handcrafted Birds, and Big Bend Collection Candles.

Gorky  Pottery: Gorky González founded Alfarería Tradicional, the first pottery workshop in Guanajito, in order to reproduce and preserve the traditional majolica pottery technique of the region. All Gorky Pottery is food safe according to FDA standards and regulations. The Museum of the Big Bend is the exclusive retail outlet of Gorky Pottery in the Big Bend.

Charley Harper Handcrafted Birds: Charley Harper born on a farm in West Virginia, studied art at the Art Academy of Cincinnati, where he later made his home. For more than 60 years, without computers, Mr. Harper captured color, shape and movement. He uniquely simplified intricate and complex lines through his painted art. Designed by Gold Leaf Design Group and approved by the Harper Estate, each of these birds is a representation of Mr. Harper’s “minimal realism.”

 Big Bend Collection Candles: Created exclusively for the Museum of the Big Bend, these artisanal soy candles were inspired by the desire to bring nature’s calm, serene fragrances of the Big Bend into all environments. Each candle is carefully crafted from start to finish in the USA, using only the finest, locally sourced materials to ensure the highest quality.

Work by Local Artists at Big Bend Trading Company

Virginia Brotherton

Ginny Brotherton’s artwork is a creation of her love of the outdoors, where the gifts of the land are as close as one’s hand and yet as far as one can see; where you scrape away the earth’s crust to reveal nature’s beauty. With the rocks she finds, she can only enhance its glory, but with glass, she hopes to capture an essence of the radiance that surrounds her.

 Jalbone’ is the name of Virginia Brotherton’s business. It is an acronym for Just A Little Bit of Nature, etc. Ginny’s love of rock hunting–finding, cutting and polishing rocks was the impetus to her learning wire-wrapping in 1993 at the WM Holland School of Lapidary Arts. Since then, she has taught classes in Dallas, Fort Worth and other locales. In 2002, she became a certified Precious Metal Clay instructor and has taken several classes on fusing glass, including a “Painting with Frit” class at Bullseye Glass Co., in Portland, Oregon in 2006. Today, Ginny incorporates all three of these endeavors in her work, inspired by the incredible light, vistas, sunsets and people of the Big Bend region where she resides.

Judith Brueske

Although I grew up in the Midwest and have lived up and down the West Coast, I have found a real home in West Texas. Its open vistas, mountains and spiky flora are still my favorite painting subjects.

I studied art at the University of Minnesota and at the Minneapolis School of Art (Bachelor of Fine Arts) and later added Master and PhD degrees in a cultural anthropology (Sacramento State College and the University of California, Riverside). My cultural exposure includes several extended trips to Mexico.

Fiber, stone and metal arts have also captured my attention, especially in jewelry-making.

Echoes of the Cordillera: Attitudes and Latitudes Along the Great Divide

A full-color softcover book containing 52 photographs by Jim Bones of the Continental Divide from Alaska into Mexico alongside ekphrastic poetry, poems written after reflecting on an objet d’art, by 39 poets from Texas and New Mexico. A low resolution copy of the book can be viewed here.

This anthology is a record of the exhibit Echoes of the Cordillera: Attitudes and Latitudes Along the Great Divide which is currently showing at the Museum Big Bend from January 13 – March 25, 2018.

The book retails for $24.95 + tax, $5.00 for shipping.