2015 Trappings Artists and Gearmakers by Category

Trappings of Texas
Lead Them On
by Edgar Sotelo
TransPecos Banks
Trappings of Texas

Bit Makers:

Wilson Capron

Doug Cook

Jerry Galloway

Joshua Ownbey

Mark Stewart

Russell Yates

Spur Makers:

Doug Cook

Jerry Galloway

Billy Klapper

Buddy Knight

PeeWee Peebles

Stewart Williamson

Buckle Makers:

Beau Compton

Wayne Franklin

Buddy Knight

Scott Hardy

Michael Pardue

Other Silver Work:

Sterling Silver Flask – Beau Compton

Concho Pendant Necklace and Earrings – Rex Crawford

Offset Heart Pendant and Earrings – Rex Crawford

Perfume Bottle Necklace – Laddan Ledbetter

Bracelet – Laddan Ledbetter

Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet – Matt Litz

Longhorn and State of Texas Seal Cufflinks – Rick McCumber

Hat Band – Benoit Poulain

Bracelet – Benoit Poulain

Sterling Silver Scarf Slide – Javier Ribeyrol

Sterling Silver Pendants on Rawhide Necklaces (2) – Pablo Lozano and Javier Ribeyrol

Espresso Cup – Nevada Watt


Russell Murray

Paul Van Dyke

Other Leather Works:

Purse – Brody Bolton

Woman’s Wallet – Brody Bolton

Spur Straps – Ken Raye; buckles by Matt Litz

Headstall – Ken Raye; buckle and conchos by Matt Litz

Braided Rawhide Items:


Whit Olson

Nate Wald


Vern Ballantyne

Whit Olson


Graeme Quisenberry


Pablo Lozano

Other Braided Rawhide Works:

Bull Whip – Krist King

Necklace – Pablo Lozano

Bracelet – Pablo Lozano

Gaucho Knife with braided handle – Maximo Prado

Necklace – Maximo Prado

Other Custom Cowboy Gear Items:

Banded Saddle Blanket, Karakul Wool – Angie Crowe

5/8 and 1/2” Mecates, mane hair – Douglas Krause

Pulling Harness – leather – John David Rule

100% Pure Beaver Hat-  Jim Spradley

Oxbow Stirrups – H.M. Wells

Bronze Sculpture:

Stephen Jones

Sharon McConnell

Rick McCumber

Carlos Montefusco

Tom Paulson

Raul Ruiz


Brian Asher

Don Bell


Chase Almond

Wayne Baize

Mike Capron

Teresa Elliott

Jan Mapes

Raul Ruiz

Edgar Sotelo

Herman Walker

Rygh Westby

K. W. Whitley


Lindy Cook Severns

Pastel Pencil

Kathryn Leitner

Conte Crayon:

Stephen Jones


Chessney Sevier


Teal Blake

Chessney Sevier

Watercolor and Pen & Ink:

Buckeye Blake

Pen & Ink:

Mike Capron

Gouache and Color Pencil:

K. W. Whitley

Color Pencil:

Kathryn Leitner

Multi Media:

Carlos Montefusco