The Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. McKee III Family Fred Darge Collection

Going Home

Oil on canvas, 24″ x 32″, ca. 1940

Darge did many paintings of riders seated comfortably in the saddle, atop a nice-looking horse headed for home. Frequently these paintings not only have a pair of riders, but include a fully loaded pack horse carrying must-have necessities. Darge was recognized for his skillful ability to paint subtle and delicate shadowing. Going Home is one of his works that clearly illustrates this dimensional technique. The red mountain behind the pack horse is an identifying geographical landmark on the Burnham Ranch.

A good Stetson hat was an essential part of a cowboy’s wardrobe; the style of the hat was a very personal preference as long as it served as a block for the sunlight or a shield from the rain. Darge always respected the cowhand’s choice of headwear.

Gifted by Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. McKee, III

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